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2005年 02月 11日


Another week of classes is over again... Can't believe how time is flying by these days... Only 2 months and a half to go.

Even though I got over the accounting exam last week and had a fulfilling superbowl weekend, I felt really stressed out this week. I just didn't feel like my usual self. I was so tired of doing all the assignments and readings that my concentration level was going down significantly. Maybe it was cuz I was forcing myself to do things when I didn't really feel like it. I realized the importance of doing things from free will.

And the fact that I am now faced with a presentation to do on Monday, a paper due on Tuesday, and contributions to the group project for the b-school course due Wednesday makes me feel worse as I get into the weekend... I just gotta get over these things.

At least, it wasn't just bad news this week. Guess what? I got a full score on my accounting exam:) I beat all the other pre-business students, hurray! I also got a very good feedback from my english teacher regarding my writing assignment. She told me that my writing and processing skills were beyond what was required for the course. Well, it was an obvious result since it was a 120 class consisted of mostly freshmen, non-native speakers, but it cheered me up and also helped me believe that my English skills were clearly improving since I got here in Michigan. It makes me think more and more that I want to write my dissertation in English at Todai...

Another cheering incident was that I met one girl who is coming to Todai as an exchange student from Michigan next semester. I heard from her that there were 3 students coming to the AIKOM program this time! I gotta be one of their tutors...

But the bottom line was,,, I was still feeling pretty bad...

Some things I did to alleviate the problem:
I went to the CCRB when I felt really bad yesterday doing too much work. Paradoxically, I try to exercise whenever I feel tired, but it really helps me feel energized and recharged. I also made "mabo-dofu" today and since it was too much to finish by myself, I invited Keisuke over to eat with me. It was a complete Japanese dinner (you can argue that it was chinese...). These things helped me get refreshed a bit.

I hope this weekend turns out enjoyable for me... I gotta stop being bothered by small problems and try to look what's ahead of me.

by kamakusa | 2005-02-11 18:20 | Personal Thoughts

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