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2005年 02月 16日

Spring Break → Going to Turkey

I've been forgetting to write about my decision to go to Turkey during spring break, so I guess I'll write about this here.

From Feb. 26 to Mar. 6, I have spring break. It's only 9 days, but I really wanted to go somewhere outside of the United States. This is because I've already been to most of the major cities and siteseeing places within the U.S. with my family when I used to live in Massachusetts.

A little off topic, but I was really lucky cuz my family traveled to so many places when I was in the US. As far as I remember, we went to New York and Boston at least once in 1-2 months (I think, but I remember these 2 cities were the places we went most frequently to go to Japanese groceries). And the other places we went for vacation were: Maine (Acadia National Park), Vermont (don't remember where...), New Hampshire (don't remember where...), Niagara Falls, Florida (Orlando and Palm Beach), Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Yellow Stone National Park, Colorado Rockies, Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and maybe some more places if I have forgotten.... If I include Canada and countries just outside the U.S.: Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec (don't remember where), Canadian Rockies (Banff National Park), and the Bahamas. Wow, what a long list...

Anyways, as you can see from the list above, if I were to go somewhere I had never been, it was clearly somewhere away from the U.S. and Canada. I was actually trying to go to another country during the Winter break as well, but ended up not going cuz of the unbelievably high ticket prices and cuz I was going to see my friends in New Orleans.

So I narrowed my options to Mexico, London, or Turkey as I wrote earlier. I ended up choosing Turkey (Istanbul) because a Turkish friend whom I met back in Japan (he was a trainee on an AIESEC internship)was telling me that he could accomodate me for my whole stay, and would show me around. I was talking to him over MSN and he kept telling me how cool Istanbul was and even sent me pics of Istanbul, which really started to tempt me. The finishing blow was when he told me that the hostel he was letting me stay at serves free alcohol 24 hours!! Man, I'm gonna party every night when I get there!

As a result, I was immediately buying the tickets online. The tickets were actually pretty expensive, around $650, but considering the free accomodation and the price level in Turkey, I thought it shouldn't be really bad overall.

I depart on Feb. 25 and will come back on Mar. 4th. A real short trip and I could have spent at least till Mar. 5th or the 6th, but if I did that, the airfare discounts wouldn't be in effect and the price would shoot up about another $100. I gotta cope with 5-6days in Istanbul, but I'm sure I will go to Turkey again in the future. I gotta go see Emre and Deniz who live in Ankara, and I really want to visit Cappadocia too... I am pretty sure I will go again, but for now, I just cannot wait until spring break comes....

by kamakusa | 2005-02-16 13:05 | Travel

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