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2005年 02月 17日

Drinking Coffee is good!

I just found an interesting article on the website.
Japanese version

Basically, it says that coffee helps to prevent liver cancer. According to a research conducted by Japanese experts, they found that if you drink 5 cups a day, it reduces the incidence to a quarter of that for ppl who don't drink at all.

Wow, as a big coffee drinker (well, only since I've been to Michigan cuz it helps me stay awake when I need to do work, and because the price is much cheaper compared to the premium priced Japanese cafe coffees,,,), I had an impression that drinking too much was bad since coffee had a lot of caffein. At least, it doesn't taste so healthy... But now, I feel kind of relieved to hear that drinking coffee actually does good to you. Just looking back this week, I have been drinking at least a cup a day... Well, I might not be able to make 5 cups, since drinking too much doesn't do your stomach any good, but maybe I won't be having any liver cancer if I keep up this pace for now.

Speaking of coffee, I've actually been involved with studying about coffee in a couple of my classes, what a coincidence. First of all in my corporate strategy course, I have studied a case on Starbucks. We looked into the specialty coffee (retail) industry and examined the strategy of Starbucks. It was really interesting to see how Starbucks has dominated the industry by providing a "coffee experience" for customers. Well, I shouldn't go into the details...

I have also written a paper just this last weekend about the commodity of coffee. I wrote about how international trade of the commodity has developed and how it has effected the societies of developing countries. It was quite depressing to hear how the recent decrease in coffee prices has brought about a dramatic inequity between the farmers and the international firms based in developed countries...

Shoot, I was just gonna write about the article on liver cancer, but ended up saying a whole thing about these stuff on coffee... Well I guess I'm pretty bored...

by kamakusa | 2005-02-17 08:49 | Personal Thoughts

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