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2005年 02月 18日

Some thoughts...

I chatted with my senior (senpai) on this day over MSN. He's a guy who works at the Ministry of Finance in the Japanese government (Zaimusho) and is studying in Cambridge University now. I got to know him through AIESEC and I am so greatful to have such a senpai with high ambition and great intelligence. Anyways, while I was chatting with him, there were a couple of words from him that I thought would be worth jotting down here to keep in mind.

- "if you dont have any speciality, and graduate from uni and work in some intl environment...would be disastrous"

- "its your life, you take any risk which you want to do"

(Surprisingly enough, we chatted in English, haha. Kind of weird but I got used to speaking in English with Japanese ppl now...)

Though these two things seem to contradict each other, it seems like they constitute the ways I think my future will lead on. Still haven't articulated it or processed it enough to draw any type of conclusion but I think I'll just keep it here, so I can keep thinking about it.

by kamakusa | 2005-02-18 16:02 | Personal Thoughts

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