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2005年 02月 23日

Korean friend

I'm really busy with a take home exam for the corporate strategy course, so just a quick post.

Yesterday, I met with Han Youl, the Korean guy I met at Nobu's coop the other day. He wanted to attend the accounting lecture with me, so I let him sneak in just like I did with Yuki. After class he told me his plan for how he is trying to get into this university. He seemed to be really concerned about the tuition here, but I hope he can make it somehow in the end.

I also went to the Japanese conversation table again, met with Edem and was just fooling around not doing much. It's become a good time killing session on a boring Monday for me.

After the conversation table, I met with Han Youl again and this time, I showed him around Oxford and took him in my room. He apparently wanted to talk to Eugene, but since he was asleep, we set up another meeting on Wednesday so Han Youl could get some info about the B-school here in Michigan.

As for me, I will be free for Istanbul after I finish this tough take home exam. Wish me luck!!

by kamakusa | 2005-02-23 18:14 | University Life

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