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2005年 03月 16日

Trip to Istanbul -Epilogue-

I've been having some rough times after spring break. Not just lots of work to do, but also had some complicated things going on in my mind... At least I am trying to leave some time for hanging around with friends and going out whenever I can manage. Anyways, I got this email from Mali yesterday which made me so happy that I think I'm gonna post it here.
Kohei san,

We are mentioning your name quite often. It seems as you are a part of the gang now. Our latest conversation was about how long Kohei really stayed in Istanbul?

The consensus was for a month. It feels like we have known you for quite a while now.

Good luck with the classes and many thanks for your favor.


On Thursday, I'm meeting Mali's friend at the B-school to give him the gift that I received from Mali to deliver. That's what Mali means by "favor". Hope I can make good friends with this guy I'm meeting on Thursday too.

by kamakusa | 2005-03-16 02:07 | Travel

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