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2005年 03月 18日

Drunk on St. Patricks Day...

I'm just too drunk now to write anything substantial, but just wanted to write down that I had such a cool St. Patricks Day outing. We had a big party at Edem's house, and guess what?? I met Ben from Purdue.

For those of you that are from AIESEC, I guess you might know, but I met Ben in Japan through AIESEC and he just gave me a call today since he came up to Ann Arbor from Purdue to visit his friend. It was so cool meeting with him, I have to upload the pics later. I am gonna go out with him tomorrow as well, so I am so looking forward to it.

As far as academics goes, I have an accounting exam tomorrow from 5pm (haven't studied much for it yet...), english presentation on monday, and a paper to write up by next thursday... Sh*t

As far as hangin around goes, I have JCF (cultural festival) and Nomikai after that on Saturday, Nobu's final good-bye drinking party on Tuesday, and a drinking party at Seiko's place next Saturday.

I just feel so good now, might as well go ahead and sleep before I start getting the head aches....

Just a regret that I couldn't experience the bar life and taste the green beer here (they literally do have GREEN beer on St. Pats day...) on St. Pats day but today was another day that I increasingly identified myself as a Japanese cuz I enjoyed the house party so much. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have had much fun in a club or a bar. オレは日本人じゃ。

by kamakusa | 2005-03-18 17:53 | University Life

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