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2005年 03月 28日

Final Four

アメリカのスポーツ番組に出てくるSports Analystを気取ってNCAAのバスケトーナメント結果を予想してみることにした。

Today, the 4 teams competing for the final four have been determined. They are: MSU, Illinois, UNC, and Louisville.

It was really cool to see that 3 teams from the Big 10 (the league that the Wolverines are in) were still left at the Elite 8 and 2 of them made it to the final four. I was watching the last minutes of the MSU Kentucky game and was surprised to see that the #5 seed MSU was pretty much controlling the game the whole time against the # 2 seed Kentucky. Kentucky made a lucky buzzer-beating 3P shot to tie the game up in regulation, and did a fine job in the first overtime, but MSU was just too strong today for Kentucky to handle. I bet it is rocking over in Lansing (where MSU is located).

My guess for the Final four (athough I am not betting for anything...):

-Illinois vs. Louisville→The #1 ranked Illinois will definitely come up with the win although you have to give credit to the underdog Louisville team and coach Rick Pitino for making it so far into the tournament.

-UNC vs. MSU→With all the momentum that MSU has, I think they wil overcome the Tar Heels by a slight margin. MSU comes up with the 3rd upset in this tournament. (They already beat Duke and Kentucky).

-National Title match: Illinois vs. MSU→wow who would have expected 2 Big Ten teams to face each other in the championship game? In this match, I will have to let Illinois go away with the trophy because of their consistency and dominance all throughout the season. But I'm pretty sure if these 2 teams end up facing each other, it will be a highly competitive match.

Anyone want to bet with me?

by kamakusa | 2005-03-28 17:52 | Junk

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