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2005年 04月 08日

Reasons I don't want to go back to Todai...(3)

Just got back from a series of sleepy classes, haven't been sleeping that much these days, maybe I can explain the reason:

So how many more days left do I have here? I just counted on my calendar and it turned out just to be Michael Jordan's jersey number.... (not 45 though, haha). But my departure day is getting closer and closer. I actually don't want to think of it that much at all, but the fact that I don't have much time left unconsciously keeps bothering me at the back of my head...

Yesterday was another fulfilling day. First I decided to go out to the CCRB again to shoot some hoops. I don't know why, but I think my love for basketball has deepened recently.

Went to the b-school afterwards, just to chill in the lounge and study, had some servings of free pizza as always (haha, that is not the reason I stay in the lounge but you get free food almost every two days there, why not take the advantage??). Then ayako invited me over to have some maki-zushi (?) at her coop so since I didn't have that much stuff to do, went over, helped out the coop ppl make sushi and received my compensation for helping out, which was a full Japanese dinner, わーい. After playing catch with the baseball-frenzy ayako (I love playing catch btw, an influence from my good friends back in Japan), then headed off to the b-school again,,, for a group meeting.

Today, I decided to speak a lot more than usual in the meeting since I had some opinions that I really wanted to stress out. I pretty much feel that I have become accustomed to discussing with the other b-school seniors at an equal level, I don't think my opinions are any inferior to the other ppl in my group. Am I too overconfident? But I just feel that way.

Got back stressed from too much discussion (ぶっちゃけかなり不毛な議論だった) around 10pm, and was thinking of going to sleep early since I was tired, but Will called me up and asked me to play some ball outside. I told myself, "why not?" and decided to head out to play in the oxford outdoor court (crappy and bended hoop though,,,)

Played a few games with Will and his roommate Simon, then after Simon left, Will and I just randomly started chatting about a whole range of stuff (while shooting out at the same time....). We talked about Will's home country Taiwan, traveling in Southeast Asia, classes we were taking, alcohol issues, smoking and weed, etc... Though he is still 19, Will is one of the few ppl I can speak without any resistance at all, he is just so cool and I think we get along really well. I think we were chatting for at least an hour and a half, until our RA Matthew came and stopped us since our dribbling sound seemd to be bothering some ppl in our house.....

Today, I was almost late for my corporate strategy class for the first time since I went to bed around 4:30 last night, but managed to make it on time. After two classes in the b-school, I had a chance meet up with Miyako, the only Japanese BBA student enrolled here in the michigan b-school. It was really cool talking with her, since I had been looking forward ever since I got here to talk to any japanese person seeking a business major. Even though my major is different, I am interested in business and might consider to earn an MBA in the future. I've seen a lot of Japanese MBA students around in the b-school, but I've only had a chance to talk to Koji-san, so I was happy that I got to talk to miyako about academic life as a BBA student and about her future plans.

After I got home, Eugene made me a whole Chinese dinner, fried dumplings (gyoza) and ra-men!! It was sooooo good♪ He is such a cool room mate. And from now, I'm gonna head out with Keisuke to see Tamina's concert for the Glee club. I heard they're gonna show a comedy(?), and we can drink too (yes!!), so I am really looking forward to it!

It's hard to sum up what I want to say here, but the bottom line is: I'm having so much fun these days, and I think I just started getting the hang of meeting new friends and talking with them. I just don't feel like leaving now... I need at least one more month. That is why I feel like sleeping is just a waste of time these days...

by kamakusa | 2005-04-08 07:52 | University Life

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