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2005年 04月 14日

My twin bro. (双子の兄)

Yesterday, when I showed a picture of my twin brother to Ayako, Ken, and Kozue, they seemed to be quite impressed, so I just thought I'd use this idea to post on my blog.

Just a quick background about my bro: he goes to the same university as me and plays football (not soccer but american football), and our birth time differs by 20 minutes. The most important point is that the two of us are not identical (二卵性です) but seem to look alike.
Maybe most of the ppl in Todai have seen him, but I will reveal his picture for those of you who have never seen him (without his permission,,, sorry bro..)! The picture is from his recent trip to Italy and Greece.

So just take a look and tell me what you think. Do we look alike??

by kamakusa | 2005-04-14 05:40 | Junk

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