Life in Ann Arbor, Michigan
2004年 09月 14日


Today was pretty boring because I just had classes and did some studying... Not a special day for me at all. I was thinking of going out to dinner with some AIESEC members but decided not to since I was exhausted from playing too much ball on the weekend.

So today I just went to a mass meeting held by the IAS(International Affairs Society) to see if I would be interested enough to join them. Check the website below for details.
In Japan, I think we call them "模擬国連"。

Well anyways, the organization was pretty nice because I would be able to learn some new things related to my major and at the same time have fun with all sorts of ppl from around the world. I just registered for a conference in Montreal where the "mock UN conference" will be held next Jan. But I haven't decided for sure yet... We'll see what happens...

I think I am too tired today...Don't feel so much like studying anymore. Sorry for the shitty diary.

by kamakusa | 2004-09-14 12:15 | Personal Thoughts

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