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2005年 04月 23日


8 days left to go. These days, I keep reminding myself how many days I have left here everyday I wake up in the morning. And I have started to feel that every single minute & second is not to be wasted, and needs to be utilized constructively. Time has become so much of an important variable to me now. I don't want to be obsessed with that perception, but I just can't help it.... I still can't imagine leaving my room in a week...

Today, I started off the day planning for my Mexico trip by looking into the 地球の歩き方guide book. I have layed out a very rough plan of what I want to do during my stay in Mexico, and I have started to look into some hotels that I might have to reserve beforehand. I was thinking of looking for every hotel after arriving in Mexico, fighting around with my stinky Spanish, but I am starting to think that that might be a bit too risky... I'm gonna keep working on my plan from now.

I also started packing my books in a box to send back to Japan by airmail. Since I am gonna go traveling in Mexico, I want to leave AA with the minimum amount of luggage. So it is very important that I send off as much stuff that I don't need by airmail as possible before I leave.

After that, I went to play b-ball with Will. Played a few half-court pickups, then went back to Oxford to have some free dinner again... Today they had some good curry and spicy food. And pizza as always.... After getting myself full, went over and hung out with Nok and Rachel for a while, watching Friends on TV, and then headed off to the library to study with Will. My accounting exam is coming up this Monday, so I had to start studying for it.

But I was SO inefficient today at working on my accounting... What kept me off was chatting over MSN, and also chatting with Will. But I really had fun doing these things, especially chatting with Will cuz we talked about our futures, our perspectives toward life in general, etc... So I have no regret at all over not being able to study for exams.

For the rest of my stay, it is more important for me to hang out with my friends, talk with ppl, and have fun, rather than be crammed up with studying. I have kept claiming that my goal during this exchange was to meet new ppl and create a network of my own.

I might be repeating the same thing over and over again, but how have I done in achieving this goal? Well, I think I have done a fairly decent job on it, seeing that I have made some new friends even during this semester. But overall, I don't think my focus was so much on networking. I cannot deny the fact that I was really obsessed with finishing up my daily assignments for a majority of the time. I haven't really made good friends with purely American guys/girls, I have had a tendency to hang out with a lot of Jap. ppl lately, and I tend to do things alone when I really have a chance to call someone up to hang out together.

But this doesn't mean I have ruined all my opportunities. I think I have learned something new about communication. I think naturally, I haven't been that much of a talkative person and I feel like I am not really good at communicating with other ppl. But during my stay in AA, as I have met many ppl with so many different backgrounds, I have realized the importance of making a good impression on other ppl when you meet them. To make the other person think that you are someone that can be trusted or someone that can be a friend, you need to focus on trying to communicate to them as much as possible. By communicating, I don't mean just trying to talk to them whatever you want, but I mean picking the right topics, asking the right questions, and trying to understand the other person as much as possible. I think during my life, I have especially been downplaying the importance of the last two factors.

Whenever I meet a new person, I have always tried to tell or let the other person know who I was, and what I wanted them to know. I never tried to listen to what they had to say about me or tried to understand who the other person really was. But during my stay in AA, whenever you meet a new person, you inevitably start wanting to know who that person is, what they are thinking about, what they like to do, etc because you don't know what to expect from them. This is different from meeting a new Japanese person because a lot of Japanese ppl are relatively similar in personalities.

Writing this much, I can't really figure out how to conclude this post,,,,, but I can say for sure that something inside me has changed in terms of my attitude toward communicating with other ppl. I hope I can try to embrace this realization as I go along from now.

by kamakusa | 2005-04-23 15:45 | University Life

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