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2005年 06月 23日


I am now considering whether I should go on an internship to India or stay in Japan for a while. If I decide to stay in Japan, I can do the following things: attend the HPAIR conference, get back to my studies, look for an domestic internship, work on gaining some skills / qualifications. A very difficult choice but I know either choice would give me a really good experience. I can do a lot of things if I stay, but moving on with life in a totally new environment as of that in India really attracts me.

These days, I am trying to think more about what I really want to do after I gain my bachelor's degree. To come up with an answer to the above question, I need to calculate backwards from what I am thinking of doing after graduation. Then I can decide if I should go on an internship or not.

Here's a brief thought before conducting this calculation: If I decide to go on the internship, I will be away from Japan for at least half a year, and I need to make up my mind to skip another semester at Todai. How will that affect my job hunting schedule, and possibly even my graduation schedule??

Keep an eye out for any updates on my next career course... If anyone has any advice, I'm really eager to hear from you!!

by kamakusa | 2005-06-23 23:15 | Personal Thoughts

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