Life in Ann Arbor, Michigan
2005年 07月 01日

Final Answer?

I have come up with a decision considering the entry I made earlier.

The question was: whether I should stay in Japan or go on an internship to India. Well the answer wasn't so hard to find. The key to the answer was that the two options were not mutually exclusive.

WHY NOT TRY TO DO BOTH THINGS? ha, I'm a greedy guy, that's what I have decided on.

So here are my plans for the next couple of months:

-July: Earn money from part time job, apply for internships in Japan, find an internship in India or some other country, think think think about my future, drink drink drink with my friends...

-August: Internship in Japan(hopefully I will pass at least one company), meet a very important person for me in Japan (guess who? haha), participate in the HPAIR conference, prepare for my internship abroad, think think think through experience, drink drink drink without fear...

-September: head off for an internship for 6 months at max.

So basically I will be in Japan till the end of August. Till then I have to do tons of stuff, I have no time to be bored at all! Better be ready for action every single day.

A final thought: I think it isn't necessary to write any more in this blog under the title "Life in Ann Arbor" (pretty obvious why)... I think I will start writing in another blog with a new title. So better finish up with my entries about the Mexico trip... and I'll let you know when I start up a new blog! cya--

by kamakusa | 2005-07-01 02:33 | Personal Thoughts

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