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2005年 02月 06日

Model UN Conference @ Montreal -Day 2-


昨日書いたとおり、オレとケイスケはBhutan代表として総会の第三委員会(略称SOCHUM)に参加することになっていました。この委員会では主に社会問題や人権問題を扱い、今回の模擬国連におけるSOCHUMの議題は三つありました:Implementation of the Outcome of the World Summit for Social Development, Urbanization, The Role of Women in the Promotion of Economic Development.


まず目的は、各議題に関して国々が協力してResolution(決議)を練り上げて、それを議長に提出し、委員会全体で採択すること。国連のホームページとかを見るとよく見かけるあれです。そしてResolutionを作り上げるまでには基本的に二つの方法で議論を進めます。まず一つ目はしゃべりたい人(国)が全Delegateの前に出て、自らの意見や方針を演説して他国に主張をする形、もう一つはUnmoderated Caucus(非公式会議のようなもの)といって各国が自由に裏で他の国々と根回しをするという形。そしてResolutionの案が議長に提出されたら、またそれに関して質問したり議論をして、委員会にとって最適なResolution採択を目指します。


ただオレらの委員会は議論の進展が非常に遅くて、結局最終日になっても3つ目のトピックには触れないまま終了してしまいました。。。とりあえずBhutanとしては、Princetonの学生にこっちからからんでいって、彼らが練り上げていたResolutionのSignatory(署名国?)にならせてもらったりして、それなりの貢献はしました。しかもBhutanの先進的なNon Formal Educationを例にあげて農村部における教育の重要性について、オレらが意見を言ったら"That's a really good idea"といわれて、なんとResolutionの中にそれに関する項目を入れてくれることになりました。Princetonの学生にですよ!!わーい。情報提供してくれたJunko,サンキュー。


そうしているうちに会議もあっという間に終わって、Night Lifeの時間がやってまいりました♪ケイスケによると、こっちの模擬国連は日本よりまじめではなく、遊びに力を入れすぎているとのこと。日本では会議が終わっても「深夜Caucus」といって夜通し裏で議論や根回しが続けられるらしいです。。。でもそれもそれでなんか嫌だな。。。ま、実際参加してみたら日本の方がやりがいがあると思いますが。


ミシガンのグループとともにまずBarに行ってビールを大量に飲んでから、クラブに向かいました。なにげに日本でもAnn Arborでもまだクラブ行ったことなかったのでまともなクラブに行くのは初めてでした。ま、ダンスパーティーとかHouse Partyで踊ったりはしたことがあるのでクラブの光景を見てびっくりしたりはしませんでしたが。良く行かないのでよくわかりませんが、音楽がHip Hop系&Top 40系(たぶん?)でみんなノリノリだったので個人的にいい気分で踊れました。

Barにて(右からJordan, ケイスケ、オレ、Jared):

飲んで踊って、非常に楽しい時間を過ごせました。いやーAnn Arborでも毎週これくらい夜遊びができたらなー。結局3時過ぎくらいまで踊って、午前4時くらいにホテルに戻ってきて就寝。。。

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2005年 02月 06日

Model UN Conference @ Montreal -Day 1-

So finally, I have some time to write about my trip to Montreal...Sorry for the late update...

From 1/27- 1/30, I went to Montreal to attend the Model United Conference held at McGill University which is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. The reason I had the chance to attend such a conference is cuz I belonged to an organization called the International Affairs Society which I signed up for at the beginning of last semester. Apparently this organization was of big interest to me since the group attended Model UN conferences annually and published journals of their own called the Michigan Journal of International Affairs (you can check the website by googling it, it's pretty cool) so as an international relations major and a person interested in the roles of the United Nations in the international sphere, I decided to sign up for this organization. Moreover, Keisuke actually had attended one Model UN conference back in Japan so he told me stories about it which prompted me to also sign up to become a delegate at the the Model UN conference. Cost me about 400 bucks, but considering that we can stay at a very nice hotel, meet many new ppl, and learn a lot about UN, it seemed like a pretty nice deal for me.

Keisuke and I were assigned to represent the country of Bhutan in the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (Third committee) in the General Assembly. So of course we had to do some kind of research before heading to the conference.

So anyways, here are the details of the trip:

We departed from Michigan at 7pm the day before the conference started (Wednesday). The trip was by bus, which took us about 15 hours total.... A long and tiring trip but it wasn't so bad as I was used to traveling by bus from all that Greyhound bus rides in the winter.

This day was almost a free day cuz the opening ceremony started late at night so we could just go out and explore the city of Montreal by ourselves. So after we arrived at the hotel where the conference would be held (it was a Sheraton Hotel), took a short rest and then I went over to China Town with Keisuke since he knew a place where we could have all-you-can-eat chinese for a reasonable price.

Montreal was, in short, a very beautiful city. Actually, I have been there before when I was a little kid but hadn't remembered that much about it, so it was like refreshing my memories. If you ignored the fact that it was much much colder than back in Michigan (sh*t...), it was really peaceful, clean, and the ppl were very friendly. I thought we had to try to speak French there, but most of the ppl we encountered in shops could speak English as well, so I didn't have much trouble getting around with ordering food and asking for directions.

Keisuke and I ended up finding the Chinese place and I ate so much that I felt really bad after the meal.... But the food was so nice since they had such a variety. I wish they had the same kind of place in Ann Arbor...

We also went to a museum too (Museum of Comtemporary Arts). I started to become sleepy, but I mosly enjoyed seeing all the exhibits.

After that, we headed to the hotel, took a nap and then changed in our suits to get ready for the opening ceremony. I was glad I brought a suit from Japan since I finally got to utilize it in some way.

The ceremony was really big. So many delegates were there to attend the conference, which I didn't expect. I found that ppl from Harvard, Princeton, Uni. of Toronto, Georgetown, were attending and got really excited...

After that, all the ppl from U of M gathered to head for drinks. Had some beer and chatted with the other ppl and that was about it for my first day. I was looking forward to the second day where I would attend the first committee session in the conference....

A look into Montreal:



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2005年 02月 02日

Where to for Spring Vacation?







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